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Dance of Love - The movie

The worlds first full feature documentary about Brazilian Zouk.

Dance of Love is about four people, from four different backgrounds and from four different countries, who have one thing in common: their love for Brazilian zouk. They are followed as they travel around the world. Each one is in search for something different. But for all of them, dancing zouk is their meaning of life.




4 different people from 4 different corners of the globe dedicate their lives to dancing zouk. In their quest for recognition, realisation and happiness their lives become intertwined.

A man invests everything he has to promote a dance from his home country in a different culture, that has very little to do with his. He has to face a lot of headwind but persists. Finally, when he's about to succeed, he gives up and goes back. A young professional from New York, makes almost 6 figures, when she falls in love with this dance. She quits her job, gives up her apartment, and travels around the world to learn as much as she can. When she comes back she's broke and has to start from scratch. A very small Chinese man was bullied as a teenager. He became a martial arts expert and a succesful business man. But he couldn't find happiness. This he only found in dance. Now he wants to teach the rest of the world how to find happiness through the dance. A dance teacher in Buenos Aires has a fantastic life over there untill he's forced to move out of the country. He ends up in the Netherlands and becomes a succesfull show dancer. Now he's travelling around the world, like a popstar. But without the paperazzi.


Main characters:

Claudio Gomes - He's the godfather of Brazilian zouk in the Netherlands. However, before it matured, he moved back to Brazil. His ex-girlfriend Claudia took over and made it blossom.

Kwok One - He was one of the first students of Claudio. From Chinese descent and being short he had to fight a lot of prejudice. In the dance he has finally found peace and happiness. Now he wants to teach others how to find that. 

Gilson Damasco - He used to be the godfather of Brazilian zouk in Buenos Aires. But he was forced to leave the country and moved to Amsterdam. Now he's one of the most asked show dancers and travels around the world like a star. 

Shannon Hunzicker - A young professional from New York falls in love with Brazilian zouk. She gives up her job and apartment in order to pursue a career in zouk. She travels to Europe and Brazil to learn as much as she can. Back in New York she wants to organize the first zouk congress in the USA. 


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Dancing is poetry of gestures