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Brazilian zouk

A new Latin dance that is conquering the world

Brazilian Zouk is a descendant from Lambada. In the late 80's Lambada was a short lived hype. After it died out, only very few people continued. They changed what was originally a beach dance in to a form of ballroom dance. The bikini's and miniskirts were traded for glamorous ballroom dresses. The bare feet became high heeled.And the butt shaking evolved in to waivy head and body movements.

In its new form Brazilian Zouk is starting to take over the world. It is now danced in more than 80 countries. Different from salsa and other dance movements, zouk hasn't been discovered by the record- and film companies and there is no marketing behind it. It is growing completely by word of mouth, almost entirely ignored by the media. This has created a unique scene that is very warm and friendly and were newcomers are embraced and welcomed.

Also, perhaps more than any other dance, Brazilian Zouk is a multi-cultural affair. There is no supervision or regulation. Anybody can adapt the dance to their own taste. There are many different forms of dancing Zouk, but interestingly, everybody can still dance with everyone from around the world.

At first the music from the French Antilles was used, hence the name Zouk. Nowadays many different types of music are played on the dancefloor. DJ's are creative with remixes and make sure that there is something for everyone's taste. This makes Brazilian Zouk very dynamic and constantly evolving.

More information can be found on these sites:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zouk-Lambada (about the dance)

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