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With so many dances in the world and new ones appearing all the time it is hard to keep track. Brazilian Zouk is different however. Considered by many as the most romantic, sensual and beautiful partner dance, Brazilian Zouk is conquering ballrooms all over the world. It is now danced in over a 100 cities in more than 60 countries. From Japan to Australia, from Canada to Argentina, people fall in love with this beautiful form of art. With the music from the French Antilles and the dance coming from Lambada, mixed with Tango, Salsa and Contemporary it is truly a multi-cultural happening. Nowadays Zouk can be danced on many modern songs, making it a dance that is very much in sync with this time.

Documentary about Brazilian Zouk

In the movie we meet several people who are drawn in this dance up to a point where they want to give up everything else in live. However, the movie goes beyond the dance and dives deeper in to subjects like career, recognition, self-development, love, relationships and happiness. This makes it appealing for a non-dancing audience as well.

The movie has a running time of 87 minutes, including credits. There is also a shorter version of 55 minutes.

The film is shot in Brazil, USA, Netherlands, France, Dubai, Japan, Germany, Tsjech Republic and Spain.

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Dancing is poetry of gestures